4 min readOct 11, 2022


Great news Cyborgs! The Power Token that we had announced a few months ago is about to be released! This new token will be the core of the new Cyborg NFT collections dedicated staking feature: The Cyborg Power Plant. It will bring all of our Cyborg NFTs to the next level and will be our first steps into game-fi. Let’s dive into the PWR adventure!

On the 15th of October, you’ll be able to earn $PWR by staking your Meta Cyborgs, Cyborg Guardians, Ethereum Cyborgs and, of course, your Immortal Cyborgs in the Cyborg Power Plant. Several staking pools will be opened for our main collections. 5 Meta Cyborgs pools (Commons, Rares, Zombies, Ultimates and Generals), 6 Guardians pools (Commons, Rares, Legendaries, Ultimates, Kings and a special pool for moon TCGs when they transform), 2 Immortal Cyborgs pools (Common and Presale) and also 1 single pool for ETH Cyborgs. All pools will have different $PWR allocations, and the rarer the Cyborg, then the better the pool allocation. The first campaign will start on 10/15/22 and end on 11/12/22. There will be a total of 10 power token campaigns.

The Power Token is the fuel of our game-fi development and is the currency used to buy several NFTs involved in this ecosystem development. The most important of them is the Power Token NFT which will allow you to evolve any of your Cyborgs to Ultra Cyborgs. You’ll also be able to upgrade the skin of your FMF1 NFTs with the power token, but this won’t be a part of our game-fi adventure. Once you get enough $PWR and you use it to buy a Power Token NFT, you’ll be able to burn any Cyborg that you own along with a PWR NFT to create an Ultra Cyborg. There will be only 100 PWR NFTs per campaign and thus the Ultra Cyborg Max Supply will be 1,000 NFTs.

In addition to a Cyborg and a PWR NFT, you’ll also be allowed to burn a lot of other NFTs to create your Ultra Cyborgs. All those additional burns will improve both the skin and the Metadata of your Ultra Cyborg. The Metadata of the UC NFT collection will be used as attributes in the Cyborg battlefield and the game-fi experience. You’ll be able to burn various NFTs from other Cronos projects to get exclusive traits and you’ll also be able to burn multiple NFT Equipments (such as weapons, armors, cyborg parts, etc…), purchasable with $PWR! Let’s say that you burn a Meta Cyborg, a PWR NFT, and a Sword NFT equipment, then you’ll create a Rabbit-based Ultra Cyborg carrying a sword, and the Metadata will reflect these attributes. Those equipments and Power Token NFTs will be on sale from 12/15/22.

As always, both PWR NFT and Cyborg Equipment NFT collections will be listed on secondary markets and 25% of the royalties will be shared with FMF1 holders! We’ll also pair some $PWR with $CRO (and create a LP farming pool on CyborgSwap to bring some liquidity) to make it tradable so that people who did not farm enough $PWR still get a chance to trade the missing coins to purchase the NFT they wanted.

However, keep in mind that the Power Token is not meant to be a financial tool and we strongly recommend not to buy it for speculation. It’s only a reward for our NFT holders who want to upgrade their Cyborgs. Speaking of which, we’ll be performing several airdrops during all the campaigns. For the first campaign, a series of exclusive weapons will be airdropped. Each FMF1 will receive a 1:1 airdrop. You’ll also be eligible for an airdrop per batch of 10 Meta Cyborgs or 10 TCGs that you own. Each Ethereum Cyborg will receive a 2:1 airdrop and all Immortal Cyborgs will also receive a 1:1 airdrop. Snapshot will be taken 10/30/22 8PM UTC. 4 Legendary equipment will also be airdropped randomly to FMF1 holders, top 50 Meta Cyborgs holders, top 50 Cyborg Guardians holders & top 10 Immortal Cyborg holders!

That’s all for now. We have a few more articles to release on this new feature soon with even more details! It’s an exciting time for the Cyborg and Cronos fam! Be sure to check out our social media platforms and share this innovative news. See you all again shortly.