Racers, as you already know, at ChronoSwap we are all about the race, which is why we’re presenting our first collection of 387 NFT today, to bring our races and our DEX to the next level.

As you’ve seen in our road map we’re planning on opening our marketplace in the first quarter of 2022. We’re not interested in following trends, surfing the NFT wave and opening yet another marketplace devoid of interest. Our NFT, as well as artwork created with our friends from other Cronos projects (like certain backgrounds of the founding member F1 collection) will above all be tokens with numerous features.

First and foremost, from the launch of the minting phase of our founding member F1 collection, you’ll need to have at least one NFT ChronoSwap in your wallet in order to compete in our many races. From then on the races will be organised more often with even more prizes in CRO, NFT, and of course CNO! And then, with our future collections of NFTs you can participate in various races depending on the collection of the CronoSwap NFT that you own. But remember, with the founding member F1 you’ll be able to compete in all and any of our races in the future, even the most exclusive ones.

If you don’t want to race and would rather leave your F1 in your garage you can still enjoy its second feature, the ROI. 50% of the royalties of our first collection will be redistributed to our NFT holders every week. On top of that, FMF1 holders will share 25% of the royalties from all our future collections! 30% will be used to buy back CNO and burn it. 10% will be used as prizes for our races, and the last 10% will be used for the development and marketing of our future collections and to sweep the floor on secondary markets.

If in the end you don’t want to participate in our races but are looking for more action as an investor than a ROI on royalties paid weekly, you’ll be able to stake your founding member F1 NFT to get juicy rewards from our yet to come NFT staking pools. Very soon, in the first quarter of 2022, we’re going to launch staking pools on ChronoSwap. You’ll be able to stake not just our NFTs but those of our partners as well and get rewarded. But that’s the subject of a future Medium article!

And last but not least, having a founding Member F1 allows you to enter the very selective Grand Prix Lounge on Discord. Giveaways and exclusive races will be for club members only who will have access to new information before the rest of the community. Chats about the evolution of ChronoSwap will be for this group only and members will be able to give their opinion on crucial matters for our DEX. As you’ve seen in our roadmap, we’re planning a DAO with token of governance for the DEX in the second quarter of 2022. The founding member F1 are going to be the tokens used for DAO on ChronoSwap.

ChronoSwap NFTs benefits won’t only be for those who own them. 50% of the minting revenu will be used to buy back and burn CNO and that will benefit the whole community. 30% will be used as prizes for our races and 20% will go to development and marketing for future collections.

Our first collection of 387 NFTs will be minted for 395 CRO each. You’ll surely be asking yourselves why these numbers? It’s obviously to pay tribute to the last extremely intense Formula 1 season with a crazy finish which saw Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton finish with 395 points and 387 points. So it’ll be more than 75,000 CRO that will be used to buy back and burn CNO when the minting phase ends.

Our future collections which will be released shortly after the end of our founding member F1 sale will be larger and will allow us to buy back and burn even more CNO.



NFT-oriented DEX on Cronos Blockchain

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