3 min readAug 31, 2022

That’s it Cyborgs! Now that the C-16 emissions have stopped, we’re about to release our new NFT collection backed by the Ethereum token! So far, all you know is that there will be 50 Ether Cyborgs mintable exclusively in C-16. It’s time to dive into the specifics of the collection!

As you read in our Cyborg Stables Introduction medium article, the mint will take place using C-16 tokens. The C-16 price of the NFTs will be dependent on the remaining C-16 supply. On Sunday 9/4/22 8PM UTC, we’ll take a snapshot of the remaining C-16 circulating supply (C-16 Total Supply minus C-16 already burned) and simply divide it by 50. This will establish the C-16 price of the ETH Cyborgs (ECYBORGS). We’ll start several C-16 burn events before the snapshot such as a Twitter Burning Event, C-16 Lottery, and a C-16 burning race in order to burn even more C-16 and thus reduce the price of the NFTs! Once the snapshot is taken, the price of Ether Cyborgs in C-16 will be fixed and it won’t change after that even if more C-16 are burned afterwards.

The ETH Cyborg Mint will start on Sunday 9/11/22 8PM UTC so that you’ll have 7 whole days to try to get the C-16 you need to mint these NFTs! The collection will also be listed simultaneously at our friend, Ebisu’s Bay Marketplace. The royalties of the collection will be placed into a pot (of course, 25% of the royalties will be shared with FMF1 holders as usual). A part of this pot will be shared with the last 10 ETH Cyborgs holders, then another part with the last 5 holders and finally the rest with the 3 last holders. Occasional events will also be organized to fund the pot in addition to the royalties. The NFT mint in C-16 will stop after 3 weeks if not completed before. Any unsold NFTs will be put back on sale in a new mint in C-17 and so on. All tokens used to mint an ETH Cyborg will be burned

Finally, on Sunday 9/18/22 8PM UTC, the Ether Cyborg Portal will go live! Each of our 50 ETH Cyborgs will be backed 1:1 with an ETH token. As soon as the portal is live, you will be able to trade your ECYBORG on CyborgSwap Dex for 1 $ETH if you wish (please note that once you do, the ECYBORG will be automatically burned and you won’t be able to trade your $ETH back for your NFT). This way the price of your NFT is guaranteed not less than the Ethereum token! On the other hand, not only the price of this collection might go up on secondary markets, but it will also automatically increase if the ETH token price goes up. It’s a bet that you actually can’t lose, pretty sweet isn’t it? The portal will have a 24h reset countdown. It means that every time someone trades an ETH Cyborg for an $ETH token in the portal, no trades will be possible for the next 24 hours. Don’t worry, the portal will be open indefinitely on CyborgSwap!

Thus concludes our journey with C-16, Cyborgs. We hope you had fun and are excited about the introduction and execution of this new feature involving token-backed NFTs. Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming burn events so you can participate and help burn the maximum amount of C-16 possible! See you in another article real soon!