3 min readJun 24, 2022

Welcome to our latest medium article Cyborgs! We are introducing the next token layer of Cyborg Stables: C-17. We’ll cover its tokenomics and features on the platform. Let’s dive in!

The C-17 layer will officially begin on June 27th, 2022, at 8pm UTC. First, the Presale will be held June 24th at 8pm UTC and will be first come, first served, no overflow. We will divide the Presale into 2 phases. Phase 1 will open at the stated presale start time and last for 24hrs. In order to commit C-16 during Phase 1 to get C-17 you will need to hold 1 FMF1 or 5 Cyborg Guardians or 10 Meta Cyborgs in you wallet UNSTAKED. If Phase 1 fills up the Presale cap, then there will not be a Phase 2 and the Presale will end. If Phase 1 does not fill the Presale cap, then Phase 2 will begin after the Phase 1 24 hours period. Phase 2 will be open to everyone and will not require a Cyborg Corp. NFT to participate. The Presale will end June 26th, 2022 at 8pm UTC if not completed beforehand.

During the Presale there will be 333,333.33 C17 available for sale to raise 1,000,000 C-16. 50% (500,000) of the C-16 raised will be immediately burned. The remaining 50% (500,000) will be paired with 125,000 C-17 for initial liquidity. This will make the C-17 price in the Presale worth 3 C-16 tokens and the listing price of C-17 will be worth 4 C-16 tokens.

C-17 will have a max capped supply of 10 million with a 3 month emissions schedule similar to C-16. The tokenomics breakdown is as follows:
- 3.33% (333,333) tokens for Presale
- 1.25% (125,000) tokens for Initial Liquidity
- 2.42% (241,667) tokens for Marketing
- 2% (200,000) tokens for Development
- 1% (100,000) tokens for Team
- 90% (9,000,000) tokens for Pools, Farms, Vaults, and Boost Rewards

The following Farms, Vaults, and Pools will be opened on June 27th, 2022. There will be several additional Pools and Safes added in the coming weeks.

Highest APR Farms
C-17/C-16 (highest APR)

Regular Farms

Single Staking Pools
C-17 to earn C-17 (Manual & Auto)
C-17 to earn C-16
C-17 to earn CBO
C-17 to earn CNFT
ETH to earn C-17
WBTC to earn C-17


The deposit fees for all non-native C-17 Pools and Farms will be 3% and the deposit fees on all non-native C-16 Pools and Farms will be reduced to 1%. Several mechanisms will be implemented to burn C-17 such as a Lottery System and Burning Races. However, in addition to these, all the burning mechanisms of Cyborg Stables used on C-16 will be switched to C-17 once C-16 emissions are completed. Be sure to check out the Cyborg Stables article if you’re not familiar with all the burning mechanisms and features in place.

Thus begins the next layer for Cyborg Stables! Hopefully, this article answers all your questions, but of course, if you have more, feel free to join our Discord or Telegram servers! Don’t forget that you can use your Cyborg Guardians with each token layer on the platform! More articles coming shortly!