4 min readSep 25, 2022

It’s time for another exciting addition to the news on our upcoming NFC platform and features. In this article, we’ll be detailing the founding member collection for the NFC platform. Boosting, Presale perks, Token Starter Packs, and more await you below, so let’s dive into the specifics!

The Non Fungible Cyborg founding member NFT collection: THE IMMORTAL CYBORGS will be dropped on on 9/25/22 7PM UTC. This will be the last major NFT collection dropped on CyborgSwap DEX. After that, our drops are going to be held on the NFC Incubator & Launchpad which we’ll detail in a future article. The 10,000 NFT collection will be the fundraiser of the NFC ecosystem and will have many perks for holders.

The drop will be divided into 2 parts: the Presale (first 500 NFT minted) and the Public Sale (TIC #501 to #10 000). During Presale, mint price will be 500 CRO for whitelisted addresses, 525 CRO for FMF1 holders and regular price will be 550 CRO. During Public Sale, 300 CRO for WL, 325 for FMF1 holders and regular price will be 350 CRO. There are two main reasons why you want to be an early investor and mint during the Presale: First, in addition to the 25 NFC token starter pack, you’ll also receive a 986.3 NFC token allocation. The allocation is vested for 10 months during which you’ll receive 100 NFC per month for 9 monhts starting 12/8/22 and you’ll receive 86.3 NFC for the last month on 9/8/23. Of course the NFC starter pack will be airdropped to your wallet at listing like all the Public Sale TIC NFTs. The listing price of $NFC will be 1 $CRO. It means that if you mint during the Presale and the $NFC token maintains its value or increases it, you’ll mint your Immortal Cyborg for free and you’ll even make profit! Secondly, until the reveal of the collection (few weeks after NFC launch), your TIC Presale NFTs will have a 1% boost on the NFT farms & pools while Public Sales NFTs will only have a 0,5% boost. Once we reveal the collection and the rarities, all the Presale TIC will be at least Rare Cyborgs so your boost won’t fall under 1%. As always, tiers with their boosts after the reveal will range from Common (0.5%), Rare (1%), Legendary (1.5%) and Ultimate (2%).

The Immortal Cyborgs NFT drop will be used to fund the Non Fungible Cyborg Ecosystem and is divided into several parts. The funds raised in the Presale will be used to buy many Cronos NFTs on the market in order to add initial liquidity in our NFT LP Farms. Once the Presale is completed, the funds raised from TIC #501 to #3333 will be used for the $NFC initial liquidity. It means that once the Immortal Cyborgs drop reaches 33.33% we will be ready to officially launch the Non Fungible Cyborg platform! The next part is #3334 to #5,000 in which we’ll be raising money for the audits of our contracts. The CRO raised in the last 50% of the drop we’ll be used to pay for $NFC listing on CEX.

For this collection, we chose to reveal the cyborgs and their rarities later, once the Presale has ended! It means that until the reveal, all TIC NFTs will be exactly the same (except for Presale TIC with a slightly different image, a higher boost and an NFC token vested allocation): same image, same metadatas and same starter pack with 25 NFC. You’ll be able to trade them at our friend Ebisu’s Bay’s secondary markets of course, but they will all be the same! As soon as the collection is revealed though, you’ll be able to see the traits and the sick look of your Immortal Cyborg! To hype the sales on secondary markets before the reveal, we’ll leak information about rarities and rankings so stay tuned Cyborgs. The royalties of the TIC collection will be broken down as 25% to FMF1 holders as usual, 25% for NFC development, and 50% to buyback and burn $NFC token, in addition to all the other buyback and burn mechanism that we’ll detail in the future article about $NFC tokenomics.

The last main perk of the collection for TIC holders will be a discount price on every NFC launchpad! We’ll detail the NFC Incubator & Launchpad feature in a dedicated article a little later on. However, we can already tell you that even though it’s quite similar to the NFT drop page on CSW, we will be much more selective about the projects applying and we won’t only be dropping their collections, but also helping them every step of the way as a true incubation platform. We’ve done it several times in the past and it was a success every time!

Obviously, the collection wouldn’t be complete without some further rewards to our loyal Cyborg Corp. community! Each FMF1 holder will receive a 1:1 airdrop (per F1 owned!) from the Immortal Cyborgs collection. In addition, the top 25 Meta Cyborg holders (staked or unstaked) will receive 1 TIC airdrop as well as top 25 Cyborg Guardians holders! The airdrops will be performed shortly after the TIC collection reveal.

It’s an exciting time for the Cyborg Corp. ecosystem! We believe this platform and the features to come will truly revolutionize the Cronos NFT space. Stay tuned for more articles, updates, and info on the way!