4 min readJul 2, 2022


Here we are Cyborgs! Our Cyborg Lottery feature to burn tokens is finally released. We apologize for the delay but we wanted to offer something kind of new and, obviously, NFT related! However, it has also taken us more time than expected.

Everything is now ready for the official release of our new feature set for July 2nd 2022 8PM UTC. Our Lottery mechanism is inspired by the loot box concept and based on Chests NFTs. We will put many series of chests for sale over time on the Cyborg Stables lottery page, but also on The CyborgSwap Auction House. A Lottery Page will also be opened on CyborgSwap in addition to the one already present on Cyborg Stables. Each series of Chests will be independent and different from the previous ones in terms of supply, Chest price, and, of course, prizes. Let’s dive into the mechanics of the Lottery with the C-16 CHEST 1ST Edition as an example.

This 1st Edition series will be composed of 105 NFT Chests with a listing price of 2500 C-16. 100 of the Chests will be available through the Lottery and 5 of them will be listed on the CyborgSwap Auction House. All Lottery Chest distributions will take place upon the completion of each sale at 100% via airdrop.

For each series put on sale, 50% of the mint revenue will be used for the prizes distributed in the series chests. 35% will be burned and 15% will be used to sweep the floor of our own NFT collections and be used as prizes after that and a pot for a special Chest collection.

This is the list of the Prizes for the C-16 CHEST 1ST ED:
10x 2 500 C16
10x 5 000 C16
3x 10 000 C16
1x 50 000 C16

3x 10 000 C17

1x Legendary Meta Cyborg
3x Rare Meta Cyborgs
6x Common Meta Cyborg

1x Extra Rare FMF1
2x FMF1

10x Exclusive Cyborg Guardians for Lottery
3x Custom Cyborg Guardians

With the Lottery Chests we are also introducing a fun new feature: The Custom Cyborg Guardians! Token IDs 998, 999, and 1212 will be placed in 3 of the 5 Chests on sale at the Auction House (all 5 chests will be winners by the way). If you’re lucky enough to get one of the Chests with these Cyborgs, we will generate a new image for your NFT with all of your preferred traits. You can even ask for 1 exclusive trait that our designer will create only for your NFT! All you have to do is open a ticket in our support channel in our Discord, or contact us on Twitter or Telegram and provide proof of ownership as well as the details you’d like for your NFT image!

For this series and every single series we create in the future, 1 in 2 chests will always win. To discover the contents of your chest after having minted it, simply go to the My Chests tab to see your Chests. Select the Chest, enable, and then click on the « open chest » button. Your prizes will be directly transferred to your wallet and your NFT CHEST will go directly to the burn address. Therefore, it will be impossible for someone malicious to resell a Chest that has already been opened! We will also soon list all Chest series on the secondary market with Ebisu’s Bay. Thus allowing easy access to resell your Chests directly after minting them or anytime after!

For those of you who would like to keep their Chests, we will also open a staking pool for our Chest collections. This could be very interesting for those who keep their chests over time because the distribution of rewards of the pool is fixed and stable, but the supply of the collection will decrease as people open their Chests. This means sharing the staking rewards with fewer and fewer people!

Thus, the secondary market for our Chests should be pretty exciting for those of you who like to speculate! Royalties of the CHEST collection will be broken down as 25% to FMF1 holders as always, 25% used to buy back and burn C-16, 25% to fund bonus NFT Staking pools for the collection and 25% used as Prizes in the upcoming series.

The total supply of the CHEST collection is 10,000 NFTs. The C-16 CHEST 1ST EDITION series of 105 NFTs is part of the CHEST collection but each series will be independent of the others, with different selling prices, different prizes and also different images. Thus, there will be many different series that make up the total CHEST collection.

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