4 min readFeb 21, 2022


As you may have already heard, Racers, ChronoSwap will soon join Marie’s Cyborgs NFT group to become CyborgSwap. Our website will be redesigned, new farming and staking pools will be added, new tokens will be listed and new features will be implemented. We will also create a brand new Masterchef to change the tokenomics of our Dex to bring in more liquidity and provide bigger APRs like we had the first couple months of Chronoswap. This will allow us to become much more competitive and fuel further project growth.

However, changing the MasterChef Contract means that we will move from the old farms and pools of ChronoSwap to the brand new ones of CyborgSwap with a new token powering our Dex: The $CBO

Let’s start with introducing the Tokenomics of $CBO. The total supply of 100,000,000 will be released over 4 years at which point the emissions will be complete.

70% of the supply (70M $CBO) will be used as rewards for our Farming pools over these 4 years. The emission of $CBO will be stronger at the start and will slowly decline over time.

2% (2M $CBO) will be locked & used for partnerships. These will be released weekly and used for the single staking pool rewards with our partners. You will see the first pools to earn $CBO with our partners as soon as next week!

7.5% (7.5M $CBO) will be locked for development of new CyborgSwap features and also released weekly. ChronoSwap and Marie’s Cyborgs have always strived to be able to offer new features to their holders on a regular basis (with launchpad feature, new NFT collections, royalties shared with holders, NFT staking, etc…) We absolutely want to keep this spirit and focus on innovation. We will soon release details of our next big feature, our P2E game with FMF1 and Marie’s Cyborgs NFT.

7.5% (7.5M $CBO) will be locked for marketing and released daily. Our marketing will be focused a lot on influencers (Youtube mostly) shortly after the CyborgSwap launch along with an AMA with our partners. We will also use this budget to pay our designers. Since we are a NFT-oriented DEX, we need to provide nice visuals for our communications, website, and press releases. A part of this budget will be used for airdrops like we did with ChronoSwap.

5% (5M $CBO) will be locked for the team and released monthly. This will be compensation for the Dev team as well as those who help us run CyborgSwap such as our managers, mods, and translators. 20% of this budget will be used as initial allowance.

1.5% (1.5M $CBO) will be used for Presale. There will be two CBO Pre-Sales on The first one will be 2/22/22 8PM UTC for 850,000 $CBO, to raise 500 000 $CNO (1.7 CBO per CNO). The second pre-sale will be 2/26/22 8PM UTC for 650,000 $CBO to raise 500,000 $CNO(1.3 CBO per CNO).

1.5% (1.5M $CBO) will be allocated for the Launchpad. We want to raise 1,000,000 $CRO during the launchpad so that the listing price of $CBO will be 0.66 CRO per $CBO. The launchpad will start 2/27/22 8PM UTC and will end 3/1/22 8PM UTC.

1.5% (1.5M $CBO) will be used for initial liquidity. These will be paired with the 1,000,000 $CRO raised in the launchpad and then be locked.

3.5% (3.5M $CBO) will be used for the $CNO bridge exchange. The bridge will be open two weeks after that the $CBO goes on the market. You will always be able to trade your $CNOs to $CBOs through the $CNO Bridge.The rate will be 1CNO=1CBO.

Speaking of $CNO, you might wonder what its future utility cases will be if you haven’t participated in the $CBO pre-sale and don’t want to bridge it to $CBO. The first thing that will happen is $CNO emissions will end permanently. This will make $CNO Deflationary instead of Inflationary! With emissions at 0 and the bridge of $CNO to $CBO, the supply with drastically reduce and the price might see some favorable movement. Also, a CNO/CRO farm will always be live on CyborgSwap with a high multiplier. This will allow you to not just speculate on $CNO, but also enjoy juicy $CBO rewards!

$CNFT will remain unchanged and continue on it’s current roadmap, utility, and plans.