4 min readMar 10, 2022

The past few weeks have been a wild ride for our community! Our Dex and community are growing larger and faster than ever before and these new members bring in more variety and interests to our platform. In this article, we want to give everyone an update on what CyborgSwap is coming out with in March!

Many of you have asked us about the CNFT token and its future within CyborgSwap. As you have probably seen, the CNFT price has skyrocketed since the beginning of our new dex. The explanation is pretty simple: in addition to the very strong tokenomics designed to support price action, the CNFT still has an essential role in CyborgSwap. It’s the fuel of our NFT Staking feature, the major feature of our Dex. It has already helped several Cronos NFT projects sell out their collections and this is only the beginning. Due to almost 15 collections listed already and many more to come, a lot of CNFT is about to be burned! This is now a prime time to announce our first exclusive NFT drop using CNFT will take place next week! The future of CNFT within CyborgSwap is bright Cyborgs!

Good for CNFT, but what about my CNO? As you already know, the CNO bridge will be live on our Dex on 3/15/22. 3,500,000 CBO are available for the bridge and the rate is 1 CNO for 1 CBO. There will be 7 rounds of 500,000 CBO each. First round will start 3/15/22 at 5PM UTC, where up to 500K CNO can be bridged for 500K CBO. No overflow, this is first come, first served. The second round will start one week later, on 3/22/22 5PM UTC. Each round will be separated from the previous one by 7 days. This way we’ll avoid a massive supply impact to CBO on the market which could be bad for the price action. If there is a week where the 500K round is not filled before the next round starts, then that round will remain open and the new one will not start until it has been filled. All CNO used to bridge will be locked in the contract, burning it from the CNO supply.

There is also plenty more to come for those of our community more interested in NFTs than DeFi. As FMF1 floor price reached a new ATH (8 500 CRO!), it’s time to implement the DAO system for governance announced during the FMF1 creation! Each FMF1 owner will soon be able to access a private Discord group, the CyborgSwap DAO group. In this group you’ll be able to join several channels such as
- A governance forum to talk about what could be implemented in CyborgSwap
- An exclusive NFT marketplace
- An announcement channel to get early access to information about our Dex.
We’re also going to hold exclusive races and giveaways in this group. However, the main interest if you’re part of the club will be the ability to vote for some of our decisions. 1FMF1=1vote, 2FMF1=2 votes. We’ll soon publish a complete Medium article about this private group.

We know that 8,500 CRO is a lot of money to invest in an NFT and that many of you who have joined us recently cannot participate in our races (with 10,000s in prizes) or benefit from the FMF1 features and it could be a little frustrating. That’s why we are going to release our FMF2 collection sooner than expected, by the end of March/early April. Once again, a complete Medium article introducing our new collection will be released next week. This new collection will be affordable so that everybody can race on CyborgSwap,and will have a lot of features, like the FMF1 collection.

You thought we had forgotten our Marie’s Cyborgs NFTs holders? Not a chance! We have a new NFT feature we will unveil in early April, at the latest, where Marie’s Cyborgs will be the central collection! In addition, we are also giving all MC holders automatic Whitelist for the upcoming FMF2 collection.

This is a quick preview of what to expect in March at CyborgSwap. But stay tuned as we have a lot of new stuff and exciting features planned for April and Q2 2022 as well!