7 min readDec 6, 2022

Hello Cyborgs, today we are going to give you major updates about our journey on the BNB chain. We are aware that many of you have been dying to know what is going to happen to the Cyborg Stables project since nothing much happened the past couple months. The whole Cyborg Corp. team was fully committed to the release of the NFC platform and, unfortunately, we didn’t communicate much about anything else. NFC was our most ambitious project so far and it took the whole team a lot of time, effort and well… money. But we didn’t forget about Cyborg Stables and obviously, we didn’t forget about Cyborg Swap. We simply chose to keep building during the terrible bear market we’ve all been facing for about a year now. We resolved to keep innovating, to keep developing unseen projects on Cronos, and wait for better days. We have decided not to stand still and do nothing like many projects have done since the bear market began. We kept fighting. If any of you in our community might feel forgotten, we sincerely apologize. But we promise we haven’t forgotten anyone, quite the opposite. We chose to keep working hard every single day to improve our brand, to offer new performing products to our community and develop new innovative smart contracts for the next cycle, instead of giving up on you, Cyborgs, and blaming the bear market. That being said, let’s see how the end of 2022 will look like for Cyborg Corp.


First of all, we decided to end the Cyborg Stables project on the BNB Chain. It was a hard choice for us to make, but let’s face it, this adventure was a failure. When we launched it, we knew very well how Cronos works: the support of the #Crofam, the friendly community, the kindness of other projects’ teams, and the way we always try to help each other. Unfortunately the BNB Chain is not Cronos. It’s much older, over-crowded, and, unfortunately, nothing is free. With no name, no reputation, almost no contacts on BNB, in the middle of the current crypto winter and, above all, no money to advertise our arrival due to the bear market, we failed.
Of course, every promise made to the community will be kept. The mint of the 150 BNB Cyborg in B-18 will take place by the end of January. The collection will be well prepared since we had plenty of time to work on it and we really hope that you’ll like it. All the details of the mint will be communicated by the end of December so that everyone has one full month to prepare and adjust their B-18 bags. Regarding the mint of the BNB TCG, it will be canceled since we’re closing the platform on that chain. However, no worries for all of you who won WL or free mints for this mint, you’ll be more than compensated, but we’ll get back to it a little later in this article.
The BNB Chain Cyborg Stables will stop operating when the mint of the BNB Cyborgs starts. In the meantime, there won’t be new layers but it will continue to operate, you’ll still be able to trade your coins on the platform.


The C-22 layer on the Cronos Chain has started on Monday 12/5/22 8PM UTC. The burning mechanism implemented with the C-21 layer hasn’t been renewed since the results weren’t good in the last round and only a little liquidity was deposited in the yield app. Regarding the mint of the Ether Cyborgs in C-17 which was a gift for the community since ECYBORG were initially meant to be minted in C-16, it will also take place by the end of January, along with BNB Cyborgs.


As you already know, we’re all about cross-chain integration at Cyborg Corp. We’re thus expanding our NFC platform to many other blockchains over time. Our first targets are Ethereum and also the BNB Chain. The Non Fungible Cyborg platform will be exactly the same on each blockchain except that $NFC token and TIC NFTs will be specific to each different chain. In December, we’ll release the NFC market on the ETH Chain first, shortly followed by the BNB Chain. Similar to the Cronos launch, there won’t be a launchpad or Presale on ETH or BNBC for $NFC in order to reduce speculation and sell pressure on the token. Instead, we’ll use the funds raised in the mints of the ETH & BNB TIC to add liquidity to the platforms. The mint of the ETH & BNB TIC will start before the platform is launched and we have some good news for the community.
Firstly, all of you entitled to a BNB TCG (all addresses whitelisted for the TCG free mint) will be airdropped a TIC for the NFC platform on BNB. Secondly, all holders of a Cronos TIC will also receive a 1:1 airdrop on the BNB Chain. Also, last but not least, all holders of a Cronos TIC will automatically be airdrop 1:1 on every single new chain opening for NFC Market, except on Ethereum where you’ll be airdropped 5:1!
In order to prepare for the arrival of NFC Market on other blockchains, we’ll open dedicated social medias next week for the platform. CyborgSwapDEX will be dedicated to Cronos from then on and the new accounts to our cross chain platform. Expect a lot of giveaways and events to grow the community both on Cronos and on these new blockchains.


Obviously, we haven’t forgotten about CyborgSwap and the CBO token. As announced in the article introducing the NFC platform, CBO emission will be stopped on when the new launchpad is completed and CyborgSwap’s Masterchef contract will be changed to reward our liquidity providers with a new coin: The CBG. The CBG launchpad to raise initial liquidity will start on Monday 12/26/22 and will end when completed. The goal is to raise 250,000 CRO to pair them with CBG for initial liquidity. All the details of the CBG tokenomics will be explained in an upcoming dedicated Medium article. As you already know, CBO is currently bought back and burned every week with 10% of the fees of NFC Market and 30% of the royalties of the Meta Cyborgs collection. And this will continue until no more CBO is available on the Market. With no more CBO emitted and a steady buyback & burn, the price action of the CBO should be good over time, especially since we also plan to have several exclusive NFT mints in CBO only in the next months.
The CBG will replace CBO and CNFT (which is, as expected, about to end) and will be the fuel of CyborgSwap 2.0, helping to raise more liquidity for the DEX to run as it’s supposed to. Several articles are coming up in December to detail everything about the renewal of CyborgSwap and you can expect several surprises along the way!


The next battle for the Cyborg Power Plant will start next Monday 12/12/22. The good news is that you won’t have to unstake your Cyborgs to restake them in the new pools and thus, you’ll save all the gas fees. The Cyborg Armory will open on Thursday 12/15/22 so that you’ll be able to mint the Cyborg improvement NFTs. This will be done using the Power Token earned in the first campaign and in the second one. As expected the snapshot for the exclusive weapons airdrop has been taken 10/30/22 8PM UTC and the airdrop will be performed on Friday 12/23/22. For the second campaign, a new feature will be implemented: Cyborg Domination. We’ll explain this feature in a dedicated upcoming article, but basically each faction (the Meta Cyborgs, Guardians, Ether Cyborgs and Immortal Cyborgs) will fight for the control of the Power Plant and the faction which wins the battle will see their PT allocation boosted for the next campaign and will also be rewarded with exclusive airdrops!

This concludes the article about what to expect for December at Cyborg Corp.. We’re super excited about the expected reveal of the TIC collection and about what December will bring to the Cyborg Corp. ecosystem and we do hope that you’re excited about it too! Even if the market conditions are terrible, we’ll keep building for the community! We appreciate each of you joining us on this journey. See you next time!