As you’ve seen in our roadmap Racers, one of our top priority for Q1 2022 is to reduce the CNO emission in order to counter inflation. To do so, we will use the same mechanism as PCS : we are going to create a pool dedicated to burning CNO extra distribution. This way the CNO emission will drop from 2 CNO per block to 1.5 CNO per block.

That means that brand new V2 Farming Pools will start on January 22 at 4PM UTC. Old V1 Farming Pools will no longer offer rewards from then on. You will therefore have to unstake you LP Tokens from the old farms, then remove the liquidity from your LP Tokens, and finally recreate new LP Tokens that you will be able to stake in the new V2 Farming Pools. Please note that you will also have to remove CNO from the old Manual and Auto Staking Pools to restake in the new V2 Manual and Auto Staking Pools.

We will take this opportunity to remove several token pairs from our Farming Pools list. The CNO/BUSD pair and the CROSHIBA/CRO pair will be removed from the V2 Farming Pools list. However we will add LINK/CRO and ATOM/CRO pairs as these are the latest Cronos listings. We will also assign each V2 Farming Pools new multipliers, and of course the biggest multipliers will be for the CNO pairs!

Last but not least a brand new exclusive token will be paired with CNO and will be assigned a huge mutliplier. We’ll tell you all about it in a few days, so stay tuned Racers!



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