4 min readFeb 13, 2023


Hello Cyborgs,
It’s been a while since our last medium article and it’s now time to share with you the priorities of Cyborg Corp. for the start of 2023. But first and foremost, we’d like to explain the recent lack of activity from our team over the past 10 days. Running Cyborg Corp. is a full-time job for the core team and, unfortunately, the market conditions have affected our treasury, resulting in layoffs for many team members. Despite this, we are passionate about our project and have continued to develop and improve our ecosystem. However, for several months now, the team at Cyborg Corp. has not been paid, making it an unsustainable situation for us as individuals who require a steady income to live. This is why we had to return to our former lives to secure financial stability. But fear not, as new volunteers and passionate individuals will soon join our team to bring new energy and drive to our project. Cyborg Corp. will race onwards!
So without further ado, let’s dive into the first developments expected for Cyborg Corp. in February.

The NFC Market has been live for three months now, and it’s time to update the fees system. Starting on Wednesday 2/15/23, the cost per action on the platform for Tier 0 will be 5 NFC. The fees for Tiers 1 to 5 will remain the same. Our early adopters were given the opportunity to try the platform at a reduced cost, and it’s now time to continue with a more sustainable model. Tiers 1 is still accessible for only 500 NFC and allows users to reduce their fees by half!

The TIC collection was created to boost the yield of the NFC Market. Initially, we had 10,000 TIC to ensure that every user had the opportunity to boost their farms. However, we over-estimated the use of the NFC Market and because of the slowed minting, we will stop the TIC minting on Sunday 2/19/23 at 8 PM UTC. No more TIC will be minted after this date, reducing the size of the collection. A TIC presale portal and farm have been opened on our platform, allowing early investors to earn even more from their investment. Obviously you’ll still get your $NFC PS allocation when providing liquidity into the NFC/wPSTIC pair. Additionally, a pool will open on Monday 2/20/23, to stake NFC/CRO LP and earn wTIC.

We have also opened four new farms in which you can farm with wNFT/CRO LP and not wNFT/NFC LP. The first four farms are wMMB/CRO, wCRS/CRO, wBOOMER/CRO and wCROW/CRO. We chose four of the main Cronos OG projects for the first lineup, and if there is enough liquidity in these farms, we will open more wNFT/CRO farms in the coming weeks. Liquidity providers will be rewarded in NFC.

Many of you have been eagerly waiting for the CBG launch, and the wait is finally over! A CBO/CRO pool to earn vCBG has been opened on Cyborg Swap ( The Vested CBG Token (vCBG) will be used to redeem CBG at its listing on 4/15/23. You’ll be able to trade 1 vCBG for 1 CBG and be among the first to get CBG on the new Cyborg Swap platform. A full medium article detailing all the CBG tokenomics will be released by the end of the first quarter, prior to the launch.

The next phase of the Cyborg Power Plant campaign is set to commence by the end of the week and along with it, new upgrades will be made available in the Cyborg Armory. With the CNFT emission now completed, a highly sought-after exclusive weapon will soon be mintable only using CNFT. The Power Token and Ultra Cyborgs will be one of the main focus for the new team members, and you can anticipate several exciting developments in this area. The first sneak peeks will be unveiled in February, and the Ultra Cyborgs will be making their highly anticipated debut on the Cronos Chain very soon.

Due to unfavorable market conditions and substantial investments in various new features and developments over the past year, the treasury of Cyborg Corp. is facing financial constraints. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily pause the ETH Cyborg portal until the launch of the CBG token in mid-April. We understand that this may cause frustration among our community, however, these are the tough decisions that must be made to keep the business afloat during challenging times. Despite the financial struggles, we remain dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for our ETH Cyborgs and will continue to prioritize them in all NFT features of Cyborg Corp. In the meantime, we have already opened a new NFT staking program where ETH Cyborgs can earn vCBG.

This concludes our update on our priorities for the beginning of 2023. Stay tuned for another update soon, as we will be introducing the new members of our team and their innovative ideas for the Cyborg Corp. ecosystem!